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Tujuh Kurma is the milk with double benefits. The Double benefits are : Sterile Milk and Dates. Make the Milk more delicious and good for the daily consumption.

Benefits of Consuming Dates Every Day
Sufficient Nutrition and Calorie Needs.
Good for Digestive System.
Preventing Chronic Disease.
Helps Launch a Normal Childbirth Process.
Stabilizing Blood Sugar and Healthier Sugar Substitutes.
So the Additional Menu in the Diet.
Replacing Lost Body Electrolytes.

Through a good sterilization process, Herewith the benefits of Sterile Milk :
Boost immunity.
Neutralizes toxins in the body.
Helps maintain cholesterol levels.
Nourish the skin.
Keeps bones strong.
Maintain brain performance.
Helping the body stay fresh and healthy.
Sleep better.