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Gentle Gen is the first plant-based detergent in Indonesia that is gentle on hands and does not damage clothing fibers. Gentle Gen detergent also equipped with Anti-Malodor Technology which can provide a long-lasting fragrance freshness.

Gentle Gen can be used in washing machine or hand wash

Soft Sweet Long Lasting Floral Scents of Fresh Peony and Rose which Inspires unforgettable Romance in Paris every day.

New Era Of Washing Clothes

Gentle On Hands

Plant-Based detergent that safe for skin with normal Ph (Ph 7).

Gentle On Clothes

Plant-Based detergent has a superior efficacy without damaging the cloth fibres and still protect the colour.

French Perfume

Inspired from French Luxury Perfume and equipped with anti-malodor and long-lasting Freshness Technology.

Innovative Plant-Based Detergent

Innovative plant-based detergent, innovative packs, French perfume with Anti Malodor technology